What Clients Are Saying

    • I bow in reverence to true healers. Kelly Walsh is such a gifted practitioner. We should all be so lucky as to have the opportunity to heal in the hands of someone of Kelly's caliber. Her work is subtle yet profound, gentle yet powerful + grounded yet magical. Kelly's work leaves me feeling clear, aligned and rejuvenated. What a gift!
      - Lesley G
    • Kelly has a rare combination of skillfulness, intuition, Presence, enthusiasm and heart. I invariably leave a session feeling more uplifted, more connected, more empowered, and more Light Hearted. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.
      - Bryan O
    • Kelly is a powerful and gentle practitioner. I always feel I am in good hands and well cared for. She is incredibly intuitive and listens to the body with great care. I would highly recommend her!
      - Star F
    • Working with Kelly is a true delight. Each experience I leave feeling calmer, pain free, more relaxed and I can feel the energy in my body flowing more freely and with greater expansiveness. The effects are long lasting.
      - Hannah (counselor)
    • I started working with Kelly due to an eye-focusing issue that was very difficult to fix. Much to my dismay, the optometrist was talking glasses on top of my contacts but suggested CranialSacral first. Six months of continual CranialSacral sessions with Kelly brought my eyes back to almost perfect focusing. Working with Kelly is such a peaceful, quiet experience where the healing can take place in such a subtle, graceful and powerful way.
      - Helen (professional photographer)



    Boulder Healing Arts uses a variety of therapeutic interventions to help the whole person heal. Depending on the needs of the client, healing therapies might include:

    • CranioSacral Therapy
    • Spirit Medicine
    • Prenatal & Postpartum CST
    • Journey Circles
    • The Still Point of Yoga
    • Power Wisdom Purpose

    The Purpose of Healing

    Important Information:

    I am on sabbatical and will update my website and scheduling system when I return. If you are interested in working together, please add your name to my email list and you’ll be the first to hear about what has come out of this sabbatical and when I’ll be returning to practice.

    Most of the people I work with are on a similar path of healing and really living into the highest purpose we carry into this lifetime. The processes involved in attaining that full expression can be intense and often unpredictable. In a culture where we are expected to perform at our best all of the time, it may seem risky to take a sabbatical, however, I am taking a stand for all of us to live in alignment with our cycles, our heart, and our Earth.

    Letting go of a conventional life requires a serious level of trust in our Soul’s purpose and heightened sense of listening to the messages being sent to guide us. Whether we see each other on the other side of my sabbatical or not, may you hear what your Soul is calling you to do and may your trust in yourself be greater than any obstacles that come your way. 

    When we work with the imbalances of the physical body, we encounter stored or blocked emotions, energy, or trauma. By bringing awareness to the energy, sensations of the body, and negative or self-limiting beliefs, we notice that we have created a separation from and forgotten our natural state of wholeness. Healing is realigning and remembering that we are not broken or need fixing, but are already whole and complete.

    Boulder Healing Arts offers a road map in the form of physical, emotional, and energetic support to realign you with a truer sense of self. Each person has their own unique expression of their true self and they also have their own unique path toward embodying that expression. Each session explores different facets of a person’s being to create a holistic journey of self-realization and empowerment.

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