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Intuition Is Your True North

Did anyone else get unexpectedly propelled by that full moon in Scorpio?

Are you walking your talk in a more embodied way?

Have you released attachment to the external world for safety and security?

Well, that’s what I got out of it!

 On the full moon I spoke about intuition and even made a comment like, “Isn’t it great when you listen to your intuition and act instead of just thinking about what it could mean”?

On Sunday, my intuition told me to keep my purse close to me and sure enough it was stolen when it was out of my sight.

My intuition also told me that I would get my iPhone back which was in my purse if nothing else. I had photos of my recently passed grandmother on it and there was no way I’d let that be taken.

Stunned and buzzing, I realized right away that my purse was gone, but I knew this was a rite of passage and the full moon lesson I was wondering about learning.

 Don’t you just love how asking for growth doesn’t come in through the front door? We get thrown a curve ball…or at least that’s how it seems in the moment.

 Part 1 of the lesson: Trust Intuition.

Martine and Brendan showed up for me as my clear-headed tribe. I had been waiting for over half an hour for police to come to the location of the theft to file a report and those two weren’t about to wait for the law to get things done, so they both left to track my phone using the Find My iPhone app.

Part 2 of the lesson: Receive Support.

I called the police a second time after an hour and a half and they said someone had just been dispatched. I waited another 30 minutes and called again to make sure I gave the correct address. That’s when I was told that no one was actually coming; they were going to call me to file the report.

With fierce determination, I took off to the Apple Store to lock my phone while Brendan and Martine continued to search the area they had tracked it to. The message I had my phone read was, “This phone is being tracked by the police. Leave it where it is.” I saw where my phone was at the Apple Store and made off for that spot.

It was as if my intuition had reached a heightened state and I knew that I would be the one to find my phone. My dear friends were holding space and searching, but the victory would be mine.

Brendan met up with me and he was able to get a satellite view and suggested I check the women’s restroom on the pedestrian mall. I jumped out of the car and ran down the street with strong focus and empowered legs toward the public restrooms. I checked the top of the trash can outside first and saw nothing.

I went straight for the trash can in the women’s room and there it was– my purse, with everything in it (except for a few singles in cash), was on top of a dirty diaper and God knows what else.

My intuition told me there would be police officers patrolling the pedestrian mall and that they’d be nearby. I walked out of the restroom and up to the pair of cops with my purse in hand and let them know I called earlier and we could file the report.

As they spoke with me about the options– fingerprinting my purse and checking security cameras– they kept asking me what I wanted to do and each time they’d add, “You’re the victim here”. I almost looked at them like they had two heads each and realized I would be wasting my breath to correct them by saying, “I AM NOT A VICTIM”.

It was in that moment that I felt empowered, safe in my own skin, in the flow, secure in knowing that I truly create my reality (as we all do), and that my intuition is my true north and it will not lead me astray.

 Part 3 of the lesson: You Are Not a Victim.

 If you are on a path toward embodying your unique gifts to share more fully with the world, to go big, to be seen, to be a force of change, to live your one precious life now, then here are my 3 lessons to share with you:




Love & Gratitude,


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