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Get Down Into That Beautiful Body!

Every week a lesson becomes abundantly clear. I wait until the end of the week to see if in fact that lesson is going to carry through with each person I work with. When it does, it’s an obvious sign to share what that lesson is.

Session after session last week, the theme was– in order to fulfill your purposeful work in the world (or simply get clarity about any life decision), you must be in your body…
…AND your team of Spirit Allies wants to offer support…but they need us to be in our body in order to do that.

For years I worked on getting out of the ethers and into my physical body. I know the challenge of deciding to leave what is comfortable (the spiritual plane) and committing to being embodied.

Feeling at home in physical form took time. I had to relearn how to access my intuition (over and over again the more embodied I’ve become), but once I did it was stronger and clearer than ever. My relationship to my team of Spirit Allies is also clearer. The benefits of being embodied have outweighed the benefits of hanging out in the ethers all the time.

We made a choice to be here, on this planet, in these bodies. I know, it may not be easy hearing that, but it’s true.

Our Spirit Allies have come into relationship with us to fulfill their task as well, but since this is the plane of action, they actually need us to be embodied in order to fulfill their task and be of support to us.

That’s right; you’re not doing this whole life thing alone. You’ve got a team on the other side (and Earth side) ready to help you live into your greatness.

Since I’ve spent so many years working to embody my physical form through energy healing, massage, somatic-psychotherapy, CranioSacral Therapy, meditation, yoga, Ayurveda, diet, supplements, exercise, and more practices than I can remember at the moment, as well as from helping others embody, that I’m kind of a pro at this.

Every person is different, but I have a full bag of practices to use. And while I know the pathway to embodiment, I also know the sneaky tricks our ego plays to convince us embodying is a bad idea.

Here’s any energetic practice to help get you into that beautiful body of yours. Transforming limiting beliefs requires feeling what we’ve rejected; this is a first step in building a sense of safety to then go deeper with your transformational healing. 

Define Your Boundary:

  • Use your hands to “paint” your outer energy field. It’s about an arms-length distance away from you, so stretch your arms out and feel the perimeter of your energy field.
  • Now that you’ve got your nice container, you get to do some interior decorating. Remove anything that doesn’t work in the space. Use your breath to carry it away.

“Hmmm, that false belief that it’s not safe to be in my body looks out of place in that corner. An image instilling a feeling of safety can go there instead.”

  • Do you want a rainbow and a unicorn? Go for it. Add them in. Fill your space with high vibrations that make you feel safe and secure and toss the vibes that don’t feel good.

We all have a false belief that we tend to hold onto that keeps showing up. We think we’ve “cleared” it or processed the every angle out of it, but every once in a while, when you least expect it, there it is. This is when we call on our team of professionals to support us through the next layer.

So let’s get into our bodies and show this world what we’re made of!

I’d love to hear how the practice worked for you and if there are any areas where you get stuck.


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