Until further notice, all sessions will be done over phone or video. Boulder Healing Arts was created out of a desire to provide a compassionate space for self-growth, renewal, and transformation. Through CranioSacral Therapy, Energetic Practices, Spirit Medicine, and Yoga, clients receive professional and experienced support; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

▪   Are you tired of believing that voice that says, “I’m not enough”?

▪   Are you feeling called to bring your purposeful work into the world?

▪   Are you longing to feel a deeper connection to your own inner wisdom?

▪   Do you desire to embody your gifts with confidence, joy, and ease?

▪   Do you crave clarity around what comes next in life and business?


I truly believe that your Soul and the world needs your unique gift. Without compromise. Without delay. NOW.


Is the ancient wisdom from your bones asking you to:

▪   commit to your path?

▪   commit to trusting your own intuition and receive support when the wounded parts speak louder?

▪   dive into the darkness to embody more of your Soul Medicine?

▪   trust the process?

▪   say “Yes” to you and your purposeful work in the world?


Yes? I see you, I honor you and I love you.

I have led thousands of people to anchor into their body’s wisdom, tap into their intuition, get clarity around their purpose, and break through the barriers that have kept them from feeling connected to themselves and making a meaningful impact in the world.

It is my joy and passion to assist people in awakening to their Soul’s Purpose and to break through the barriers that keep them from fully bringing that gift into the world. It requires a commitment to diving deep into the dark unknown, as well as a commitment to returning to self-love when the seas get rough.

Habituated patterns and self-limiting beliefs can be resolved through a holistic approach to working the mind, body, and energy systems. By anchoring into our Essence/Higher Self/Divine Spark, whatever term you use to describe that whole and healed part of ourselves, we can transform the energy of pain, sadness, anxiety, fear, and anger, into personal power and return to wholeness. These ancient and modern practices guide us to become more conscious masters of our own lives.

I often work with the physical body using CranioSacral Therapy to improve whole-body function, create space, and access the wisdom held in body, mind, and energy. Using deep presence, listening, intuition, and channeling, I connect with the deeper knowing in the body and guide you to receive that wisdom and reclaim your wholeness.

I find people benefit from connecting on the physical level first to restore optimal function to create the space for healthy change. This physical work, more often than not, brings up limiting beliefs, trauma, and emotional pain that we use as fuel for holistic transformation. This approach is like pulling a dandelion up from the root. It is a deeper, more challenging process, but the outcome is freedom to feel connected to your truth, to see more clearly, and engage more fully in relationships and life.

This work is simple, not easy. I am here to guide you to accessing your own internal guidance. I am not here to make you dependent on my help. I want to see you unfold into the unique YOU that you came here to be and flourish. I assist the body in releasing tension to create space for something new, I follow the energy to guide me in seeing a deeper held pattern of emotional pain and gently support you in bringing that to the surface to be acknowledged and alchemized to receive your Soul’s Medicine.

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