kelly walsh

Kelly’s keen interest in health, body/mind/spirit connection, and healing began at an early age exploring meditation and eastern philosophy and deepened when she moved to Portland, Maine to attend the Maine College of Art. Kelly found her time studying art brought her closer to her path of becoming a facilitator of healing. In 1999 Kelly received her Reiki I initiation in the Usui tradition, and began her massage therapy training in 2000 at the Downeast School of Massage in Waldoboro, Maine. She completed the certification program with a focus in therapeutic massage, shiatsu, myofascial release, and reflexology.

In 2006 Kelly began her CranioSacral Therapy training through the Upledger Institute. CranioSacral Therapy offered an approach to working with subtler levels that connect deep to the core of a person to reunite them with their inner wisdom and inherent wholeness. Inspired by how profoundly her clients responded to this modality, Kelly continues to deepen her knowledge in the field as a student and teaching assistant, and is in the process of elective certification.

Throughout her life, Kelly felt a strong connection with the World of Things Hidden. It was something that was an unspoken part of life until she began her training in the healing arts. This connection to the Spirit World is the foundation of her personal practice and work with others. She continues to nurture this aspect of her healing work through shamanic practices and journey circles.

Kelly is a certified Mind Energy Body Transformation guide which works with the energy of consciousness in the mind and body to gain self-awareness and self-mastery using challenging life experiences and emotions as fuel to return to wholeness. Through this certification program Kelly fine-tuned her intuitive abilities, and developed new skills for working with the subtle energy systems in the body.

For three years, Kelly was in an apprenticeship for Tibetan Cranial, a 3,000 year old healing tradition from the Himalayan highlands. Having been released as a practitioner, Kelly holds this lineage of ancient healing that has been passed down through generations of deeply devout Buddhist monks. It is a unique modality that focuses on subtle adjustments to the bones in the skull, neck and jaw based on pulse reading.

Kelly’s Experience & Training

Downeast School of Massage

The Downeast School of Massage offers a comprehensive 500+ hour massage therapy training program rooted in the sciences with additional training in an area of specialization.

Upledger Institute

Upledger Institute International (UI) is a healthcare resource center recognized worldwide for its comprehensive education programs, advanced treatment options and for its unique outreach initiatives.

ME-B Certification

The Mind Energy Body School of Transformation helps you to master the skills needed to consciously create your life and guide others to do the same.

Tibetan Cranial

The Tibetan Cranial apprenticeship is taught in the traditional manner: non-verbally, tactually and intuitively, and consists of a program of instruction, study, and practice for a minimum of three years.

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