autumn alchemy

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all other seasons.” -Jim Bishop

Do you feel like the last month has been a glorious shit show?

… like it’s hard to catch a break from the nuttiness? Or like old patterns are surfacing in a tangled clump and instead of untangling the monstrosity, the saner option seems to choose a new way?

It is a time of change…changing colors, temperatures, and circadian rhythms. When we (Kim and Kelly) recently chatted over coffee, it became clear that this dose of change was palpable, aka not messin’ around, not just for us, but for many people we know. And we’re talking some big changes, radical changes, alchemical changes; changes that are leaving folks feeling confused, anxious, even exhausted, yet at the same time oh-so ready for the promise of a new beginning.

We know this process isn’t easy or comfortable a lot of the time. We know some days it leaves you feeling raw, vulnerable and even scared. But what if this shit-storm is a crazy-making yet sublime gift to help us let go of the excess baggage that’s been weighing us down? And what if letting that baggage go would clear the space for breathing in new life?

A simple definition of Alchemy is the process of transforming base metals into gold. We’re here to help you channel your inner Alchemist by purifying, integrating and transforming the outmoded for your renaissance.

Autumn Alchemy is a 14-day journey of connecting to the elements, your senses and cultivating a deeper connection to your inner richness. This doesn’t involve a green juice detox or pretzel-ing yourself into Cirque de Soleil-esque yoga poses. We invite you to join us in savoring a 10-minute practice each day to dust off that innate store of handy tools by getting back to the basics. It’s time to move through and forward. Let us help you connect with yourself through pleasure and being present to better reap your golden harvest.

Your fearless leaders: Kim, the soulful, multitalented creative businesswoman, life explorer, world traveler, and brilliant writer, and Kelly, the intuitive heart-centered, trailblazing entrepreneur, yoga teacher, and healing arts practitioner, who creates programs that empower women, met through their mutual love for yoga, nature and the inner journey.

(P.S. we wrote these intros about each other)


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