journey circle

Have you been interested in exploring the Spirit world in a safe, grounded space?

This Journey Circle is just for you!

When: The first Thursday of every month 7:15-9:15pm.
Where: Amana Yoga 949 Walnut St, Suite B, Boulder, CO, 80302 (across from the St. Julien, next to West End Salon.)
Drop-In Exchange: $15.
Bring: See list of “what to bring” below.

Group drumming/rattling and guided journey work for:

      • Embodying your Power
      • Accessing your Wisdom
      • Illuminating your Purpose

What to bring:

      • rattle (if you have one)
      • journal
      • items for the altar that you’d like to super charge (optional)

*Beautiful rattles can be found at Zuni 1424 Pearl Street in Boulder if you do not have a drum or rattle. You’ll be using this tool to make medicine for years to come so it is a worthwhile investment.

This experiential journeying practice is focused on guiding you to receive wisdom through your physical body by empowering you to trust what you feel, sense, and see. Our community needs your unique gifts and this Journey Circle is a grounded way to replenish your personal power supply, connect with others who have heard the call, and practice owning your innate ability to receive unlimited “unseen” support.

We’ll begin most circles with group drumming and rattling so that we can clear ourselves and the space and to consciously share in collective medicine making. I’ll introduce a new journey each week which will build on the previous week. You don’t need to attend every circle, but if you do you’ll experience the natural layering effect of the journeys. Once we have set our intention I’ll begin drumming to entrain your brain waves to the theta state where visioning is easily accessible. After the journey there will be ample time for journaling and sharing to learn and grow from one another.

Invite your friends to join us in making medicine together.

This is a substance free gathering.

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