Are you claiming your path as Medicine Maker?

Are you desiring support with finding your unique way?

Do you want to pick someone’s brain who’s been there and done that to build a full practice doing work that feeds the soul?

It is a great honor to provide mentorship to the ones stepping more fully into their role as Medicine Maker in the community. Each year, I mentor 2-3 people who feel drawn to the work I do and wish to follow a similar path.

What you will get out of our time together:

      • We will bring to light the energetic, emotional, and psychological patterns that must be addressed in order to create a healthy relationship with yourself, your clients, and your team of helping spirits.
      • You will practice your healing work with me and receive feedback on how to create deeper contact and access more of your inner wisdom and support your client in doing the same.
      • You’ll receive a Soul Medicine session from me to feel what works for you.
      • I’ll answer questions about building a full practice and help you hone in on your niche.
      • You’ll receive compassionate understanding around the struggles that surface when bringing your Soul’s work into the world in a very public way.
      • You’ll receive practices for grounding, regulating your energy, and setting healthy boundaries in the healing room.
      • You’ll learn how to prevent burnout and find a rate that feels good for you.

Who this is for:

      • those who are about to open a healing practice or who are just starting out
      • those who wish to uncover their unique way of working in the realm of healing
      • those who feel a tug at their heart when hearing the words “Medicine Maker” and wish to discover what that tug is about
      • those who want to expand their healing practice to bring forth more of their ancient wisdom

I approach mentorship with a knowing that we have been supporting one another in this way for thousands of years. My intention is to empower you so you feel confident in your work. I discourage idolizing me or any other teacher to support you in trusting your inner wise one.

Your gifts are needed in the world and there is no competition in Soul work. Honor your gifts and share them. There is no time to waste.

Email me to schedule a phone consultation to discuss mentorship with me. I look forward to talking with you!


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