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Until further notice all sessions are offered via Zoom. Soul Medicine sessions are still conducted remotely and just as potent as in-person. Our beings are in great need of holistic support during these times of great transition…

Imagine being met in the Mystery

You’ve been fiercely walking your path for some time now. Your feet are tired, your eyes swollen from tears, and your broken-open heart feels more with each life-affirming beat.

Every step feels like the last you can take, but somehow you continue.

You continue because the pain of staying where you’ve been is greater than the fear of the unknown.

Part of you trusts stepping into the darkness and you let that part lead.

Perhaps you’ve been walking with illness, grief, life transition, relationship struggles, or pursuing your purpose, and in so doing, you are walking to retrieve your Soul Medicine.

This path is not an easy one, but once you are on it, there’s no turning back.

Walking this path is filled with life lessons and challenges that push us to grow and break open our hearts. It can be painful, scary, and gut-wrenching, and also invigorating, ecstatic, and joyful.

What if you could be met on this path, in the Mystery where you retrieve your Soul Medicine, to have your aching heart tended to with reverence and devotion?

Imagine walking into sacred space, already prepared for your arrival; smoke of palo santo and resins linger in the air. You sit down and tune in to the gentle beat of the drum and sink into the truth that arises in that moment.

The warmth of your ancestors surrounds you as we invite in our helping spirits to hold us in their power, protection, and support.

You lay your beautiful body on the healing table and are devotionally anointed with warm oil infused with Ayurvedic herbs. Plant allies are used to assist you in your healing as your body softens and your Soul Medicine amplifies.

Your nervous system is supported in shifting back to a state of restoration and quiet. It is here where the wisdom of your ancestors rises from your bones.

There is nothing more to do now. It is time to rest and receive.

Let your broken-open heart be filled with goodness and your weary bones be soothed and held.

I know you, beautiful one, you deserve to be acknowledged for your hard work. You deserve to feel restored and fortified.

Take your rest, dear one. I will hold your tender heart with devotion and reverence.

Eighty minutes is set aside for you during this session and the exchange is $135.

It can be especially nourishing to receive this treatment when the darkness of night can wrap you in her arms, or when you are able to reserve a whole day for yourself to allow the effects of this session to unfold in a gentle way.

This eighty minute session will likely include:

  • abhyanga (whole-body Ayurvedic massage)
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • shamanic journeywork
  • plant spirit medicine
  • reflexology
  • shiatsu
  • essential oils
  • energy clearing
  • heart-womb connection
  • spirit medicine

To prepare for your session, take a few moments to reflect on how far you’ve come along your path, acknowledge the hard parts and what you have gained from them. Acknowledge your courage, sensitivity, tenderness, and wisdom gained. You will be anointed with oil from head to toe, so wear clothes that you don’t mind having a little oil on them. It is also a good idea to wear a hat to keep your head warm when you leave.

If you have any questions email me and we’ll connect about supporting the rise of your Soul Medicine.

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