Power Wisdom Purpose


Follow this link for all the details: www.powerwisdompurpose.com

Power Wisdom Purpose is a 6-month course guiding you to Embody your Power, Access your Wisdom and Illuminate your Purpose for taking inspired action in the work that feeds your Soul.

“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” ~Anais Nin

Are you a Soul-centered person who’s been trying to figure out your life’s work with your mind and looking for external validation to prove you’ve landed on just the right path?

Are you working in a dead-end job and come home feeling desperate to be in alignment with your life’s purpose?

Do you yearn to be deeply connected to your Soul’s wisdom? Do you want to stop wondering what you’re doing “wrong” and know how to finally understand your Soul’s calling?

Have you developed chronic health issues and feel the stagnant energy in your work life may be showing up as health problems because you’re actually unhappy, disempowered and your creative energy has nowhere to go?

Do you feel afraid that even if you found your life’s purpose (or maybe already sense what it really is) you’re not actually capable enough to manifest it?


In this 6-Month Course with Kelly you receive:

Powerful somatic and shamanic practices to help you get in your body and release energetic blockages, so that you can discover your Soul’s work not from your mind but from listening to the wisdom and truth emerging from your body and heart.

Sacred time on the land including Plant Spirit Medicine to reconnect with our natural rhythms and remember our ancient ways of working with nature.

The Rite of the Womb Ceremony to strengthen our role as Medicine Makers and anchor into a healthier way of being with our sacred womb space.

Facilitated journey-work and spirit medicine practices to transform desperation, self-doubt and aloneness into a deeper spiritual connection, so that you can trust your heart and hear clear messages about your Sacred life’s purpose.

Ritual and ceremonial practices to open the portal to the Divine in your daily life.

Personal Remote Healing Sessions to support you while you untie trauma (from this life and perhaps others) that is stored in your body and trapping you in patterns of disempowerment and dis-ease, so that you can illuminate and activate an empowered relationship with your life, health, and career.

Community support to help you develop the courage to peel away limiting beliefs, so that you can take the actions that manifest your life’s purpose, wisdom and power.

Home Practices to embolden you to become consciously aware of what holds you back and what you can do to hold yourself accountable, know when to seek support, and trust your inner wisdom.

Follow this link for all the details: www.powerwisdompurpose.com

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