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When challenging times arise, we have an opportunity to shift our old patterns of thinking and reacting, and gain the wisdom and transformation available in that moment. Challenging life experiences create a disconnect from Source and foster the energy of negative beliefs, false sense of self, relationship challenges, and difficult emotions. With these packages I aim to support you on your healing journey as a guide and advocate for your personal¬†transformation and self-empowerment. Not only does this process teach you how to self-regulate back to your inner wisdom in your beliefs and energy, but in your body’s physiology and brain’s neural network as well.

If we have not met before, please schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation to determine if we would be a good fit for working together. The scheduling link is at the bottom of this page.

Our first appointment together will last somewhere between 75-105 minutes. This will give us time to go over your health history (attached to your confirmation email), talk about your intention for your visit, and give us enough time to have a full session. During this flexible window of time we will see how much time your body needs going forward for future appointments and I’ll suggest a package option to support your process.

Please note that the online scheduler has two different schedules, one for each office location: “@HomeOffice” & “@HoloBeing”. Important information and your intake form are included in your email confirmation, so please be sure to read it through.¬†



First Time Session 90min

All new clients, please book a 90 minute session- $130

Single Session Rates

60 minute session – $120
90 minute session- $180

60 minute package

4 sessions: $340
7 sessions: $560

90 minute package

4 sessions: $520
7 sessions: $840


Wise Woman Healing Series

  • Three Half-Day (2.5 hour) Soul Healing sessions which combine CranioSacral Therapy, Spirit Medicine, intuitive guidance, energetic practices, and body-centered practices to untie trauma (from this life and perhaps others) that is stored in your body and trapping you in patterns of disempowerment and dis-ease, so that you can create an intentional relationship with your life, health, and career with confidence.
  • Customized practices and notes after each half-day session so that you become empowered in transforming all that holds you back from receiving the wisdom of your body to build trust in yourself, illuminate your Soul’s purpose, and how to take inspired action from that place.
  • Three 1 hour Integration Sessions so that you can get really clear about what limiting beliefs and wounding are yours and what are not yours to take action for manifesting your purposeful work in the world.

This package is $1,260 and is to be completed in 4 months from the date of purchase.


Unless otherwise noted, all packages and pre-purchased sessions are valid for six months from date of purchase and are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Please arrive on time so as not to cut your session short and to enjoy this time you have set aside for yourself. You will be charged for your full session time if you arrive late or do not honor the 24 hour cancellation policy. Please give as much notice as possible if there is a need to reschedule your appointment. Thank you in advance for respecting this request.

I do require 24 hours notice for cancellations to avoid being charged for your session.

Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card in the office at time of service.

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